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We love books. We also love the creative, dedicated authors behind books. Unfortunately, whether the book is produced through one of the big-five publishers or their imprints, boutique or indie publishing houses, or self-published, authors are shocked to find that writing the book is just the beginning. No matter how great your title, unless it is promoted well, few people will find your book, buy your book, or read your book. In fact, even with a big publishing company behind you, most authors, on average, sell less than 2,000 copies of their book. Self published authors average….30 copies. Of course everyone has heard of an author who sells a million copies of their first book, but the reason that you know that author’s name and not the tens of thousands of authors in bookstores and libraries, is that that level of success is an anomaly.

The goal of most fiction authors is to make enough money from their book(s) to be a full-time author. The goal of most non-fiction authors is to use their book(s) to help promote their careers or professional ambitions. The goal of publishers, large and small, is to generate enough revenue from the sale of books to generate a profit. All of these goals are met through book marketing and author promotion.

At Orndee, we create promotional campaigns for books and authors as unique as their titles. From launching our own take on the classic book tour and participating in book festivals to creating promotional partnerships that engage current readers and inspire new fans, we pride ourselves in creating bespoke campaigns that create book “buzz” and showcase the author’s personality. Whether retained by the publisher or by the author, we work closely to create success for this book, and excitement for the next.


advanced promotional services

Writing or publishing a successful book is a significant achievement, but for many, it is the first step. Fiction authors often seek to turn their work into a TV show or feature film. Non-fiction authors may want to launch a speaking career or see their work turned into a documentary or part of an online-education offering from a major university. We work closely with TV, documentary, and film producers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, creating introductions, developing pitches, and acting in an advisory role for authors once their work is optioned. We also help authors engage with speakers bureaus, universities, and corporations looking for specialists to speak at events, keynotes, and conferences. 


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