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Careers that include being in the public eye, often have a short shelf-life, without readjustment, reinvention, and regrowth. Musicians who sold-out stadiums twenty years ago, may now struggle to sell-out a local venue. Actors who commanded multi-million dollar fees at the height of their popularity, may stop being cast as they age. Reality TV stars and personalities may find that their popularity, and ability to earn a living, lasts only as long as the public’s interest. Even politicians who once reveled in party popularity may struggle to engage younger voters. Who hasn’t looked sympathetically or tutted at a celebrity who decades after success still dresses and behaves like they did in their career hay day? Yet others seem to continue to reinvent themselves and maintain relevance, long after their contemporaries have faded from memory.

Celebrities and personalities who want to stay in the public eye have to have an effective plan to re-engage. At Orndee, we provide in-depth analysis of the industry, past consumers, and potential future consumers. We work work closely with celebrities to tweak their brand and content and help create a re-growth strategy that engages new consumers while rewarding the loyalty of an existing fan base. Whether a celebrity simply needs to freshen up their brand or requires a complete reinvention and relaunch, we help people with careers in the public eye grow their brand and relevance.


brand expansion and licensing services

Many celebrities find that with success comes the ability to try their hand at new projects. Musicians often want to become celebrated artists, actors want to become respected writers or directors, and everyone wants to be a rock star. But celebrities (or their management) are also aware that a bad turn at a career can have a lasting, damaging impact on their successful brand. At Orndee we help celebrities test the waters of expansion, in a safe, protected, off-market way that eliminates risk to existing brands.

But not everyone wants to expand through additional public careers. Whether a celebrity brand is currently popular or has faded from view, celebrities can create passive revenue streams through the licensing of their brand, name, and image, especially in developing markets. We help celebrities and trustees (for the estates of celebrities) protect their intellectual property rights, package their brand, market their brand to licencors in the US and abroad, and create lucrative licensing agreements.  


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