crisis and reputation response and management

It's all about the control. As a brand, you need to maintain control over your finances, quality of your products or services, employees, market share, and most importantly, your image and reputation. But, in today’s instantly connected world, a vindictive ex-partner, disgruntled former employee, jealous co-worker, unethical competitor, or random nut can use the internet to exert control over you, your business, and your brand.

In fact, today, a mere accusation of impropriety, even decades old impropriety, can derail a career and destroy a brand.

But it isn’t simply a matter of your business attracting a nut or past bad deeds coming back to haunt you. A little social media slip, poorly thought out media response, marketing misstep, or product recall can destroy all of your hard work in a matter of seconds.

Crisis management is at its core, control. Regaining control of a bad situation. Turning bad press into good press. Creating or recreating the narrative. If you are already mired in a branding or reputation crisis, the wrong word or deed or even silence can turn a bad situation into one that is unrecoverable. Orndee has the experience to take control of the communications issues, provide a shield against attacks, deal with internet platforms, remove vindictive and embarrassing content, and create a strategy to get your brand back on solid ground.

preemptive communication strategy and training

That old saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is certainly apropos when it comes to crisis management. Professionals and executives are always potential targets by competitors, disgruntled former (or current) employees, vengeful exes or family members, angry customers, activists, the mentally unstable, and even complete strangers who view creating a crisis as a sport. But it isn’t merely a matter of maintaining a “spotless” professional persona. The personal lives, relationships, associations, finances, and beliefs of the professional or executive and their immediate family members (even children), as well as social media posts and photos, leaked emails and letters, and completely fabricated content, can be used to defame and destroy a person and the brand they represent.

A preemptive communication plan is an essential component of doing business for all professionals and the brands they represent, but especially important in industries already tainted with negative public perceptions. Controversial personalities, politicians, and entertainers as well as brands in the volatile reputation spaces (politics, pharmaceuticals, property development, energy, green industries, guns, chemicals, etc.) are in need of “ever green,” adaptive crisis management plans.

Having a well thought out crisis management plan, prepared and ready to engage at a moments notice, can be the difference between a little paper-cut and a brand destroying hemorrhage. Executives who are trained to be comfortable on-camera when being interviewed by the press can aid a company in appearing more compassionate and proactive in the face of a crisis. And of course, training customer service staff in appropriate, online interaction is essential in an era where people bait, attack, and then post the interaction as revenge reviews. Sometimes the goal is to extort money, other times, simply to exert power and control over a company's reputation.

Orndee provides preemptive communication strategy and training for businesses large and small and for personalities likely to attract negative attention. We specialize in maintaining and/or regaining control over your reputation and brand. 

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