events and launches

Brands are built on events. Product and service launches. Customer appreciation celebrations. Team Building Exercises. Staff Education. Philanthropic and Community Engagement. Gallery Events. Book and Musical Tours. Holiday Parties. The number and types of events that a brand needs to engage consumers and staff are almost endless. A great event can continue to promote a brand’s good will long after the event is over. But a bad event can damage morale, create derision, turn off consumers, and cause financial turmoil.

At Orndee we create all sorts of events for brands. Whether you need an internal event for staff or shareholders or you need an event that will engage existing or potential consumers, conceptualizing, budgeting, developing, managing, and delivering the perfect, unique event to fit your needs and exceed your expectations is where we excel.


Today, non-profits, community organizations, religious and educational institutions, and even politicians face increasing competition to get the donations needed to operate. Fund raising campaigns have to be unique, targeted, and transparent in order to gain the attention and commitment of donors who want to know that their dollar is going to an organization that will use the money wisely and in a way that matches the donor’s values. Creating those campaigns requires a real understanding of both donor motivations and the donation mechanisms likely to generate the most revenue. 

Live, in-person campaign events, social media and online campaigns, experience-based events, and campaigns that utilize celebrities and/influencers, we create unique, bespoke campaigns designed to raise the most revenue for the organization, while engaging donors to give today and to stay involved in the days to come.

External/Consumer Events –

customer appreciation events

fashion shows and runway events

gallery events

press announcement events

philanthropic external events

Internal/Staff Events –

team building events

corporate or staff training events

conferences and keynotes

philanthropic internal events

holiday and staff appreciation events

Launches –

new company or branch expansion openings

product and service launches

book launches and tours

theatrical and musical tours

Donation Campaigns –

galas, auctions, & fund raising events

social media and online based donation campaigns

political fund raising

philanthropic and community engagement campaigns