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Your business is all about the drive, and not just about your personal drive to succeed. You have to target the right type of audience for your brand and drive your message home. You have to package and present your business to appeal and drive customers to buy your goods or services. You have to create value in the minds of potential consumers and drive them to select your brand over competitors and create brand loyalty. Yes, your business is all about the drive. 

At Orndee, we love the drive. We specialize in creating "success vehicles" that drive your brand forward. We help you to chart a road map to success, assist in course correction if necessary, and provide you with the tools and skills that you may need along your journey. So, whether your brand needs a little tune-up or a complete overhaul, our public relations, brand management, and web development services will get you on the road to greater success.

public relations

Think of our public relations team as your navigator. We help you pinpoint your goals and figure out the best pathway to achieve them. We assist you in maneuvering the sometimes tricky worlds of communications with the media, with the public, and with current and future customers. We guide you around potential potholes, managing detours, keeping your brand on course, and righting you if you inadvertently drive it into a ditch. 

brand management

Brand management? That's your body work team. How is your brand perceived by potential customers? Do you have a nice, shiny, well maintained brand? or does your brand seem more hooptie then hot rod? At Orndee, we examine the body of your business. We repair any old rusty bits of out dated graphics, promotions, and packaging. We pound out any dents and dings to your reputation and polish your image and your message to ensure that your brand reaches your target customer and always looks it's cherry best.

web development

Your brand won't fare well if you present your business as a sexy aston martin or a muscular hemi cuda only to have your customers discover you have a pinto under the hood. Whether you use your website to inform the public about your brand, products, or services or your entire sales platform exists online, web development and associated services like mobile platforms, online payment portals, SEO, and social media connectivity are the driving force behind your brand's success. If your online engine isn't functioning to maximum capacity (or worse, you don't have an online presence at all), in today's economy, you're just spinning your wheels.  



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