it’s all about your story


Maybe it started with an invention or a new way of doing something. Maybe it started with an interest that turned into a passion that turned into your life's work.  Maybe it started with nothing more than a dream and the willingness to make it happen. But no matter how, or where, or why your brand started, once upon a time, your story began.

Of course, it didn't stop there. Along the way, the story of your brand has had twists and turns. You have had trials and tribulations, successes and failures, course corrections and re-affirmations, in fact the development of your brand has been an adventure. But, until recently, most brands hid their story, pushing their product or service and hoping that a consumer would be wooed by low, low prices, promises, fancy packaging, or aspirational purchasing.   

Things have changed.

With instant access to an almost unlimited selection of goods and services, today, whether you are a movie star, manicurist, or mechanical engineer, consumers want to know your story. In fact, price and proximity are no longer the biggest incentives for consumers. Modern brand loyalty comes down to the emotional connection that a consumer feels by using a product or service.  They want to be inspired by your brand goals. They want to champion your community stewardship and social consciousness.  They want to emotionally and financially invest in a brand's growth and development. Essentially, consumers today want to find a brand friend and continue on that brand's adventure. 


"Every brand, every personality, every business has a story...our job is to help clients tell their story in a way that engages consumers and inspires brand loyalty."   - founder Alexandrea Merrell