it's all about the value


marketing strategy

Marketing is at it's purest form, the creation of value. Think about cola. The no-name, brown, soda sold at the local grocery store may be just as tasty as Coke or Pepsi, but in the minds of consumers, the popular branded sodas are worth at least twice as much as their generic counterparts and consumers willingly pay the premium. Coke and Pepsi have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years communicating with their target consumer and conveying the idea that the consumer's life will be improved (increased value) if they drink their product. 

Your marketing strategy begins with understanding what motivates your potential consumers and then crafting your brand to have reach and appeal. This is important in every aspect of your branding, from graphics and logos to the look, feel and functionality of your website and mobile site, to the way that you advertise and promote your goods and services. 

influencer and social media marketing

Companies large and small are spending more and more of their marketing budget on influencers and social media marketing campaigns. But, selecting the right influencer or social media platform to best engage your target consumer takes more than guesswork. We specialize in matching influencers with brands, organizing multi-platform campaigns, and monitoring/analyzing your return on the investment.

online marketing –

web design & build

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEM (search engine marketing

PPC (pay-per-click)

online storefronts & payment solutions

"bricks & mortar" marketing –

print ads (paper, magazines, etc)

radio ads and interview placement

local & national TV commercials

in-store displays & presentations

contest, reward & gorilla marketing

Social Media marketing –

Facebook & Youtube videos

Instagram & Snapchat stories

Twitter & forum propagation

influencer selection & relations

cross platform campaigns

Research & Analysis –

online customer analysis

referrer analysis

embedded analytics

vox pol & tester research

customer capture