services for high-profile civilians

In PR parlance, a “civilian” is a person who has not sought out fame, but has found him or herself the focus of (often unwanted) attention by the media and/or the general public. This often happens after a tragedy. The survivors and family members of victims of scandals, mass casualty events, or highly publicized acts of violence or murder often become a target of zealous news organizations desperate to get not only the story, but an exclusive “scoop.” But increasingly, civilians also find themselves the obsession of “armchair detectives” eager to solve the crime, bloggers and “citizen journalists” hoping to make a name for themselves, conspiracy theorists and hoaxers, and those who use the internet to re-victimize and inflict additional pain on the grieving, for sport.

At Orndee, we have a multi-disciplinary approach to protecting high-profile civilians. Whether we are retained by attorneys or by the civilians themselves, our goal is to protect and then empower civilians. Our process begins with insulating civilians so that they no longer have to engage with the media and others directly, giving them space to breathe and if necessary, grieve. When the civilians are ready, we work together to create a cohesive message, select appropriate members of the reputable media with which to interact, act as a spokesperson or provide guidance for civilian-delivered messages or media interviews, and if necessary work with the HONR Network, to report and remove online harassment and abuse.


civilian communication strategy and training

Some civilians want to return to their lives as quickly as possible. Our goal is to make that happen. However, many civilians ultimately find that they want to use their platform in a powerful way. We help civilians develop a communications strategy that empowers. Whether this is through the creation of non-profits or memorial foundations for loved ones, the launching of fund-raising events to cover medical or legal bills, working with legislators to propose new laws, running for public office themselves, and/or introduction to authors, publishers, speakers bureaus, and producers who will help civilians tell their stories through books, speaking events, television, documentaries, and film, we help civilians tell their story to a wide, receptive audience.

insulation –

attorney & law enforcement liaison

media relations & communications

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abusive online content remediation with HONR Network


fund-raising & awareness campaigns

non-profit & memorial foundation building

legislative introductions & bill creation services

political & personality campaigns

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