public relations

How you communicate your story, services, products, even point-of-view to the world at large and to your target consumer is the #1 most important aspect of your business. You may be a terrific chef or builder or singer or politician, but if you can't communicate in a way that resonates with your potential consumer, it simply doesn't matter how great you are at your profession. Essentially, if you don't have reach, you don't have a brand. 

Orndee Omnimedia is a full service public relations and brand development agency specializing in communication. Our job is pretty straight forward. We tell your story. We craft your message in a way that engages and inspires your target audience to respond, engage, volunteer, donate, buy, sell, or share.  We then create the mechanisms to disseminate your message, through websites and mobile sites, social media, video and vloging, email marketing, print media, radio and television broadcasting, commercials and ad placement, events, and all sorts of gorilla (non-traditional) marketing campaigns.

reach & response 

You know they are out there. Your ability to quickly connect and engage your potential consumer is paramount to your success. Today, the average website viewer looks at a site for less then 10 seconds before deciding to proceed or look elsewhere. Your brand has to "reach" the consumer instantly. Slow loading sites, wordiness, complex or inconsistent messages, cumbersome interactivity, offensive or off-target content, poor quality and unfriendly user interactions can kill your brand before you even get to the "selling" part of the transaction.  At Orndee, we create reach through a combination of value strategy, consumer research, and analytics to insure that your brand is properly placed and promoted, resulting in consumers highly valuing your brand. 

strategic communications –

press releases

matte releases

bio and summary development

crisis response & management

crisis training

brand Review & refresh –

brand message analysis

re-branding & packaging

logo & graphics development

demographic shift capture

influencer & product placement

events & launches –

product launches

media events

red carpet & onsite management

event marketing & buzz

guerrilla & non-traditional events

content creation –

video content & production

vlog development

photo shoots & print ads

sizzle reels

interview & media training