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Are you connecting with your target consumers? In a recent Forbes poll, 80% of responders said that they research a company online before purchasing any product or service, even if they go to the physical location (store, office, restaurant, showroom, etc.) to actually purchase. The number one place responders investigate? The company website. When a business has a website that is professional, informative, easy to use, and up-to-date, it inspires confidence in potential consumers. It shows that a company is concerned about clients, eager to add value, transparent, and responsible. Conversely, a site that is old, out dated, wordy, functions poorly, or looks unprofessional conveys a message to potential consumers that your business doesn't care about their patronage or your own reputation. If you don't have a site at all, you are relegated to word of mouth customers. Your website is your primary means of communication with potential consumers, even if your business is conducted entirely face-to-face.   

At Orndee we build websites that convey your message and engages your target consumer. Using a combination of SEO and SEM techniques, we help keep your brand front and center with potential consumers looking for the types of products and services that your company provides. We also build sites that allow for you to make changes to content, pictures, and catalogs, without complete reprogramming.

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More than 70% of people use their mobile phone or tablet as their primary communication device. Creating websites that are adaptive to all shapes and sizes of devices is important. Old, non adaptive sites simply minimize, robbing users of functionality and rendering the site difficult to see or use. We build websites that are adaptive, insuring that consumers can engage with you on the go. 

Want to stay connected? We provide a host of interactive and interconnectivity solutions. From chat and customer service integrations to live streaming events, online scheduling, conferences, and meetings, we can create a website that becomes your communication hub. We also provide complete storefront and payment solutions for online retailers and create portal promotions through social media that bring consumers directly to your shopping cart.

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What should a company spend on a website? Websites range from simplistic to extremely complex depending on the functionality. Our sites range from $3k to $25k, but most companies should expect to spend $3k to $7k and update their sites every three years to keep up with technological and aesthetic changes. SEO services, app development, and store fronts are priced on a case-by-case basis dependent on market share, complexity, and reach.